Blue redrump pair

This is our breeding pair of blue redrumps, they are split to opaline and pied.

Blue opaline redrump 4 weeks old

This is a 4 week old baby from the above pair, he was hatched on xmas day 2007, at this stage we suspect him to be a blue opaline cock.

Blue opaline fledged

This is the same baby as above, he fledged today 2nd Feb 2008, just learning to fly


Sadly, we found this little fella dead 27th Feb 2008.

Blue pied hen

This is a hen we just bought to go with the above cock for next season, she is a blue pied split to opaline, she is 1 year old and has already bred this year for previous owner, we got her on the 7 Feb 2008

Pair of Opaline grass parrots

This is our pair of Oplaline redrumps, the cock was bought from the Young bird sale on 24-2-2008, the hen was given to me by a mate on the same day.